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Personal Protective Equipment in the hands of NFPA Repair for washing, repairs or inspection is treated according to the guidelines of National Fire Protection Agency. NFPA 1851 of 2008 provides the guidelines for the repair, inspection and cleaning of bunker gear.

It also dictates as to the ability and limitations of an ISP to provide these services., takes this document very seriously and ensures that all bunker gear returned to the owner is as good as new, if not better than the original. NFPA Repair ensures that all bunker gear garments will receive a new lease on life.

We are an NFPA certified facility with fully trained staff. We inspect bunker gear, liners and outer shells for damage, performance, excessive wear, and thermal and moisture integrity. We at NFPA Repair understand that firefighters’ bunker gear has to protect them, and for this to occur the gear should be clean and in good condition.

We understand that it can be aggravating to have bunker gear out of action when it is being cleaned, repaired, and inspected. However, this aggravation could be worse if the bunker gear is deteriorating or damaged. NFPA Repair offers rental services to counter any such problems.

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